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Client Server Applications

We have translated complex and extensive business processes into client server application successfully. Our applications start as custom solutions and graduate to products.

In-depth interaction with end-users helps us get a feel of the shop-floor so to say and enables us to put ourselves in our clients’ shoes. So our applications have that human angle and make transition from legacy system to the computerized very easy and fast.

Accounting, Inventory, Payroll, Excise, Logistics Management, Hospital Management Solutions are some of the products we offer. User inputs and expert advice from consultants have helped us hone these to perfection. Intuitive report-building from the data captured makes our applications very effective and much sought after management tools.

Transportation, Manufacturing, Trading, Healthcare, Finance, Academics are the verticals we have worked for.

Customisable, Scalable, Easy to use are the intrinsic characteristics of client-server applications developed by us.

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I think, they are excellent coders. Would refer them for any one looking for class A work. Prompt and maintains high standards for quality. The work was delivered on time.                             Excelser, India